Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Vanessa and Angela Simmons Pastry Products are changing womens fashion!

Vanessa and Angela Simmons star in the MTV shows Daddy's Girl and Run's House.They have become very popular with viewers with their conventional apparel creations. Many ladies have been fascinated by the fashions that they wear on the show. The bight colors, and the mix of chic and urban has encouraged many women to dress similarly to them. In response, Vanessa and Angela Simmons have created a line of clothing called Pastry which showcases the Urban Chic look. Their clothing line is offered in many different department and specialty stores, and can also be purchased online.

Pastry shoes are mostly constructed along the lines of a tennis shoe or athletic shoe. They are made of bright colors to stand out. A popular shoe characteristic in the Pastry line is the glam pie high top. The popularity of this sneaker can be compared to Nike's air jordan. 

The shoes are mostly distinctive styles that are designed for comfort, fit, and style. Before the Pastry line came out women's sneakers were a lot more mundane in color and style. The Pastry line began the trend of bright sneakers and has caused other shoe manufacturers to come out with similar shoes as well. One advantage that the Pastry line has over other shoe retailers is that all of their shoes are very wisely priced. Any woman can endure a pair of Pastry shoes.

The Pastry clothing line is a compilation of unique Glam. The colors are very vivid, the patterns unparalleled, and the fit is comfortable. Most of the clothes offered in the Pastry line are jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and sweat pants. There are a few dresses and more dressy tops as well. The Pastry clothing is perfect for wearing at home or just running around town. The Pastry line has encouraged other clothing retailers to commission clothing that is more unique in their stores as well. Before this line was released brightly colored pants were much harder to find. The designs on shirts have become more unique since the creation of the Pastry line as well. The fact that the Pastry line is so affordable also makes them popular.

The newest addition to the Pastry line is a line of unique and stylized handbags. Currently the only shape of handbag offered is the bowler style. This style of handbag is loosely based on the shape of a bowling ball carrying bag. The colors are bright and flirty, and match the style of their other fashion lines. Since the bags are newly offered, there has not been much effect on the handbag world yet. However, it is likely that once the handbags become as popular as the rest of the clothes and shoes that other handbag manufacturers will create their own flirty bowler bags.

The effect on the fashion world has become quickly apparent. Women and girls are realizing that they do not have to look boring to be fashionable. Clothing does not have to be uncomfortable, or even completely match. Since the Pastry line was created in a price range that every women can bear, it has encouraged other high-end designers to create clothing lines that more people can afford as well.

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